Is Your Plan Listed Here?

Professional, competent and impartial advice is needed by plan members who need to make a decision with respect to their pension entitlements. Assistance may have been provided with respect to any of:

  1. Deciding whether to commute the pension,
  2. Assessing whether to proceed with a pension buyback,
  3. Acquiring a copycat annuity from an insurer, and
  4. Litigation support.


As can be seen from the list, we have considerable experience in this area.


Here is a list of the plans we have dealt with since 2016:

  • AOA Canada National Chapter Pension Plan (AOA Plan) 
  • Allstate Canada Retirement Plan (Staff Plan) 
  • Pension Plan for Executives of Power Sectors of Alstom in Canada 
  • Defined Benefit Arrangement of the Bell Canada Pension Plan (“Bell Plan”) 
  • Bruce Power Pension Plan   
  • Canadian General Electric 
  • CAMI Automotive Inc. – Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Production and Maintenance Workers (CAMI) 
  • De Havilland/BRAD Salaried Employees Pension Plan (BATS) 
  • E I du Pont Canada Pension Plan 
  • Ford Motor Pension Plan for Hourly Employees of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited  
  • GE Canada Equipment Financing G.P Pension Plan for Salaried Employees 
  • General Motors Canadian Retirement Program for Salaried Employees (GM Salaried Plan) 
  • General Motors Canadian Hourly-Rate Employees Pension Plan (GM Hourly Plan) 
  • Globe and Mail Employees’ Retirement Plan 
  • Pension Plan for Non-Bargaining Employees of Hanson Brick Ltd (Lehigh Hanson Plan) 
  • Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) 
  • Hydro One Pension Plan (HOPP) 
  • HSBC Pension Plan A – Defined Benefit Program 
  • Executive Retirement Plan of IMCD (IMCD Plan) 
  • The IUOE Local 793 Pension Plan for Operating Engineers in Ontario (IUOE Plan) 
  • Jazz Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Pilots 
  • Flexible Retirement Plan for the Employees of Johnson & Johnson Canadian-Affiliated Companies (Core Benefit and DB Option) 
  • Nuclear Waste Management Organization Pension Plan 
  • Pension Plan for the Employees of S. C. Johnson and Son, Limited 
  • Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) 
  • Ontario Mutual Insurance Association Pension Plan (OMIA) 
  • Ontario Power Generation Inc. Pension Plan (OPG) 
  • Ontario Provincial Council of Carpenters’ Pension Programme 
  • Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pension Plan (OPSEU) 
  • Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) 
  • Public Service Pension Plan of Newfoundland (PSPP) 
  • Public Service Pension Plan (Canada) 
  • RBC Dominion Securities Pension Plan (RBC DS) 
  • RCMP Pension Plan   
  • Regina Civic Employees’ Superannuation and Benefit Plan 
  • The Regina Police Pension Plan 
  • Target Retirement Income Plan for the Regina Police Service 
  • Rogers Defined Benefit Pension Plan 
  • Scotia Pension Plan 
  • Scotia Executive Pension Plan 
  • Toronto Star Pension Plan 
  • Pension Plan for Employees of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Canada 
  • Toyota Retirement Income Plan (TRIP) 
  • Universities Academic Pension Plan 
  • Pension Plan for Employees of Uponor Infra Ltd 
  • Retirement Income Plan for Employees of UTC Fire & Security Canada Inc. 
  • Régime du Personnel Cadre et Non Syndiqué de Vidéotron Ltée et Autres Filiales Participantes de Québecor Média (Videotron Plan) 
  • Yellow Pages Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plan