About Us

Lea Koiv is a highly-regarded professional with authoritative experience in the retirement, tax and estate planning fields. Located in Toronto, Lea works with other accountants and with lawyers, actuaries, business valuators and other professionals, as well as with select high-net-worth clients and families, to provide expert support and advice in respect of retirement planning and tax and estate planning.

Lea Koiv & Associates Inc. was founded in February 2016. To her professional firm, Lea brings 17 recent years of experience in the insurance and wealth management industries, in addition to prior employment in the taxation departments of major international accounting firms (KPMG, Deloitte + Touche, Arthur Andersen) and the pension and benefits industry.

Through her firm, Lea advises on a wide range of issues in the estate planning and retirement areas, including Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), pension commutations, supplemental pensions, Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs), and more. Her thorough knowledge of insurance theory and practice also positions her to advise on insurance matters and products, including annuities in estate planning applications.

Lea is an in-demand speaker at industry and advisor events. Her articles and commentary have also appeared widely in publications such as Pensions and Benefits Monitor, Advisor’s Edge, and The Globe and Mail.

Lea is a keen student of legislative change. She has participated on many industry committees with a view to promoting legislation and legislative change that is well-conceived, workable and effective. Through the course of her professional career, she has identified numerous deficiencies in tax and other legislation, and has doggedly pursued having the appropriate “fixes” implemented via legislative and other channels.